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Who Are You
Going to Save?

Take on the role of 1 of 7 quirky old characters as they battle the Grim Reaper in a race for their soul


Pimp Up Your

Modify your mobility scooter, kit it out with awesome weapons and customised parts to help you stay ahead of the pack


Race The Reaper
For Your Soul

Take on the Grim Reaper and his army of zombies over 13 races where only the most skilled racer will survive

The Game Trailer

“darkly comedic
kart racer”

Wired Magazine

“Best New Game”

Tiga Award Shortlist

“Fun little indie game racer”


“The core of the game offers up a lot of fun”

Hardcore Gamer

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Who are you Going to Save?


    A former German Messerschmitt pilot, Rudolf’s plane crashed into The Gulf Stream somewhere near Spain during the second world war. Concussed and confused, Rudolf washed up in Florida years later, speaking with a strange British accent and spouting tales of seagulls doing his bidding. Having survived on fish alone for the best part of 50 years with no one to talk to, Rudolf can now be described as ‘severely eccentric’. Kindly Americans sourced what they thought was his home uniform and delivered the veteran to Sunny Pines where he’s lived ever since.


    Famous around the Mississippi delta for his extraordinary blues guitar ability, Wilbur was a fabled celebrity until one fateful show.  During the peak of his performance, the E string snapped and his confidence was shattered. Unable to face the shame of failure, he retired to Sunny Pines to play the blues in peace.


    One of the original Harley riders, Hank was leader of a particularly powerful chapter of a famous biker gang (we can’t tell you their name for fear of repercussion). Realising his Harley appreciation club had become a centre for organised crime, he decided to escape to suburbia and disassociate himself from his past, swapping his Harley for a mobility scooter.


    Jeremiah is a retired Amish sheep farmer with a top-secret love of technology. With organic batteries being an almost acceptable form of power, he has been able to indulge his interests by using his former flock to activate his gadgets and mobility scooter, and is considering getting a patent on farm-powered tech.


    Despite retiring, Percival is still hell-bent on creating the worlds first 100% anti- ageing drug. A mad scientist by trade, he carried out research and experiments on himself and he now hopes to commence with wider range, human testing. Side effects include intense diarrhoea, insomnia, unstoppable screaming and violent outbursts. There have been no volunteers.


    A former centrefold model for Playman magazine, Lucy had the best legs in the business. She made a fortune creating sexy keep-fit videos and now runs the local senior gym. She still models but nobody looks.


    Everybody knows Martha in Sunny Pines, perhaps not her face but they know her piercing gravelly voice. She is extremely feisty and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, no matter how politically incorrect or unpopular her opinion. She travelled widely in her youth, and continues to document her twilight years through her trusted camera, uploading the pictures to the Oldbook social network, moments after a picture is taken.

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